Special Lecture: Beyond Your Major

Special Lecture: Beyond Your Major

Dohyun Kim, ‘19

Integration of Different Fields of Study,” a special lecture for second grade students of all courses, was held for 4 weeks, from the last week of September to the third week of November. The lecture is an annual event, held each year during the second semester. Students can choose from 6 lectures: three mainly for Humanities course (”Environment and Life,” “The Cosmos and the Human Race,” “Life Science and Chemistry”), and three for Natural Science course (“Understanding and Appreciating Performing Arts,” “Understanding and Appreciating Art,” Understanding Modern Bioethics”). International course students could freely apply to any course. Harbinger interviewed a student from Humanities course to ask about the lecture.

Q. Which lecture did you choose?

A.I decided to take the lecture “Environment and Life.”

Q. Did you enjoy the lecture? Which part was most interesting?

A. Initially, I wasn’t interested in the environment, nor in global warming, too. I just wanted to listen to this special lecture, but from this experience I learned new things. The most interesting part was the IPCC and the experiment that calculated how contaminated the air above Korea is. After the lecture, I became interested in the global consensus to maintain the health of ecosystems.

Q. Is there anything more that you would like to say about the lecture?

A. Well, if I have the chance to take the lecture again, I hope there would be more options. Three courses are not enough. Also, I think it would be better if the lecturers had more credibility, as we were not told of their credentials or backgrounds.



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