One Step Towards a Better HAFS

One Step Towards a Better HAFS

Jean Kwon,‘19

The Department of General Affairs (a.k.a. DGA) held the first public hearing of the 13th Student Council on November 24 in the audiovisual room. The idea of HAFS public hearing started when Jeong Hoon Ko, the president of the student Council, promised a Student Council hearing as his school presidential election pledge during the election campaign. As a result, DGA and School President Ko made plans and designed the public hearing from the beginning of the second semester of 2017.

The HAFS public hearing was to listen to students’ opinions on various events that the Student Council has been planning and carrying out. Three departments which had main events soon approaching were mainly discussed in the hearing. The three departments were Department of Physical and Athletes, Department of School Clubs, and Departments of School Events.

This year’s hearing was different from the previous ones in that it parodied Korea’s famous talk show “Hello,” where people talk freely about their problems, how serious they are, and some solutions those problems. Borrowing this concept, DGA named the hearing “HELLO HAFS,” and wrote the scenario for the first part of the hearing similar to the program. They even bought a slide to use it when the leaders of each department show up on the stage to make the hearing similar to the talk show.

The most innovative tryout of this hearing was that DGA used Kakao-Talk open chat room to let the students share their ideas and opinions freely. One of the problems with the past HAFS Talk shows that DGA held was that the students did not actively participate in the process of sharing opinions. Thus, the objective of the Talk Show had not been achieved fully in the previous pro- grams. However, through the Kakao-Talk open chat room, students shared their thoughts without hesitation and made a great progress through the topics.

“HAFS Hello” was complimented by many students that it had a unique theme that caught the students’ attention and evaluated it as a critical tool for the school’s communication with students. The Student Council and the Department of General Affairs look forward to incessant communication in HAFS, and also will continue to seek a better way to improve HAFS.


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