My Last Zesty Concert

My Last Zesty Concert

Geoun Han, ‘19


HAFS celebrates its 7th Zesty Concert©HAFSHarbinger


On the last day of November, the 7th HAFS Zesty Concert was held on HAFS. From 3 o’clock when the Zesty Concert began, the HAFS gymnasium was filled with the harmonious music presented by the concert participants. The main participants, who presented the most songs, were the HAFS Philharmonic Orchestra and the HAFS Concert Choir. Also, some school clubs joined: Hanarin, the fusion music performance team, and MAVIS, the acapella performance team. On the very same day, I had a successful finale at my last Zesty Concert. During the two years at HAFS, I joined both the previous year’s 6th Zesty Concert and this year’s 7th. I was on the stage as a member of the HAFS Concert Choir and Hanarin. For both of my Novembers, since I entered HAFS, I devoted my time almost solely to the Zesty Concert. Since this year is likely to be my last participation, when the Zesty Concert was ended, I decided to take time to look back.

Preparing has always been tough. As many people know, it is hard to find the proper place for a performance group to practice the performance (at least the HAFS Philharmonic Orchestra and the HAFS Concert Choir seem to be free from this problem). The gymnasium, audio room, and music room are the only places in HAFS with pianos.

Finding a proper place to practice is hard, but managing the schedule of each member poses another challenge. Since HAFS life itself is already tough and every participant has different schedules, it is hard to set up a regular practice schedule. Even the HAFS Philharmonic Orchestra and HAFS Concert Choir, who have regular meetings after school, often face the same difficulty; it is hard for every single member to participate in the practice due to personal schedules. And when the regular practice time is settled, every participant has to work hard continuously. Most of the practice starts from the beginning of the year or the semester and usually ends with the final three days before the Zesty Concert. Usually, during the last three days before the Zesty Concert, there are rehearsals in the gymnasium. This procedure sounds simple. Yet it is definitely one of the hardest processes in order to succeed in the Zesty Concert. During the rehearsal, every team has to check their positions and audios (microphones). In this process, the HAFS Broadcasting System(a.k.a. HBS)takes a major role. It checks whether all audio systems are working well, manages the position, and makes sure that helpers are aware of what they have to do on the actual day.

This year, unlike last year when I participated in both the HAFS Concert Choir and Hanarin, I only participated in Hanarin. From the beginning of the second semester, we chose and practiced the music. Before the mid-term exam, the regular practice time was from 10 to 11 p.m. and after the mid-term, when the concert drew near, we had sessions from 9 to 11:30, just before the roll-call.

Two days before the actual concert day, we finally checked whether all the microphones worked well for our performance. It was 10pm when we checked. According to the announcement of Mr.Kim, the director of HAFS Zesty Concert, all the participants had to gather in the gymnasium from 7 o’clock. Yet, there was no specific schedule about which team would begin the rehearsal. This situation was not only the problem with this year. Last year, there were also lots of procrastination during the whole rehearsal process and individually performing groups had to wait until their names were called after the orchestra and choir. Until the very moment when Mr.Kim calls their name, they know not informed when their rehearsal will begin. This year’s rehearsal seemed especially hard for Hanarin because there were only 4 microphones available when there were 8 instruments playing. During the rehearsal time, we had to change all the previous plans for our stage positioning. Finally, on the actual day, every participant had to eat lunch after the 4th period and gathered in the gymnasium for their final rehearsal. And when the clock struck 3, the 7th HAFS Zesty Concert finally began.

When I was finally in front of everyone and people applauded for the performance which Hanarin had shown, I was finally able to realise that my last Zesty Concert was over. One can never say that preparing for the HAFS Zesty Concert was only fun; there are always sacrifices. Sometimes this might be time to study, personal rest, or other club activities. However, one thing for sure is that the HAFS Zesty Concert definitely means more than performing music. That is what I had learned from my past two experiences as a participant.


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