How to Stay Fit in HAFS

Dohyun Kim, ‘19

For HAFS students, health is one of their many concerns. Sitting all day long and eating delicious food are the main causes of obesity. To help HAFSonians deal with this problem, Harbinger suggests two healthy solutions.

First, use school facilities. HAFS’s fitness room is a school facility with lots of sports equipment. Thanks to the air conditioner, students can exercise without getting drenched in sweat. For students who prefer open space, the playground or the gym can also be good options. Students can get fresh air while exercising with friends. But they should bring a water bottle along unless they want to breathe dusty air instead of fresh air.

Second, use Youtube. Some students are too busy to go to the fitness room or step outside to exercise. For them, watching workout videos is useful. Videos such as “Josh and Bamui” or “Miley Cyrus Workout” are common videos preferred by students.

In addition to these methods, it is useful to find your own way to exercise. Don’t forget that health is the first thing you should prioritize while you are exercising. Good luck to all students!


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