Students Share Opinions about the 2017 HAFS Athletic Day

Sung Woo Park ‘19

After the mid-term and AP exams, students at HAFS got a chance to gather with their classmates to participate in various sporting events at HAFS Athletic Day held on May 24. There were some major changes in the event compared to the one held last year. The most obvious difference was the date, which changed from mid-July to May. The sporting games and the rules went through some big changes as well; ball games between the three courses disappeared, and the 20 classes were divided into team red and team blue starting from this year.

Dohyun Choi, deputy head of the Department of Athletics and Health, gave his opinion on the difficulties the department faced; “We had several difficulties while planning for the events, especially because we were no longer allowed to divide the teams according to the courses.” He also added that “compromising between the students’ interests and the teachers’ interests was most challenging of all.”

Then, how did students react to these changes? According to a Google Form survey, the top two games that students enjoyed the most were “Flying with Superman” and the teachers’ relay race, while the group jump roping and “Bursting Pinata” were favored the least. The survey also showed that 62.2% of the students were not satisfied with the “team red vs team blue” rule. When asked about the overall evaluation, 32.4% of the students were either content or very content, 27% were neutral, and 40.5% were either discontent or very discontent.

Furthermore, students raised their complaints such as the lack of games for each class, inconvenience of having the athletic day before the APs and finals, and the lack of preparation time for the sporting events; however, most students agreed that they were able to participate more than last year. Lastly, the students gave feedback on ways to improve next year’s Athletic Day, including hosting the ball games again and dividing the classes into 3 teams.

An anonymous student who took the survey wrote, “I am truly grateful for the Department of Athletics and Health for organizing the events, and I hope that the next year’s Athletic day will consider our opinion more.” After all, it is the students that are and will be mostly participating in the Athletic Day, not the teachers.


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