Report: Private Tutoring Inside School

Inseo Yeo ‘20

Recently on HAFS Confession Page, tutoring inside school facilities incited huge controversies among students. They complained about and condemned the students who were taking private lessons inside school. “How can you possibly think that taking private lessons in school, which is run by all students’ money, is okay? I get it that your grades are low and you need tutoring, but I can’t focus on my studies because of you. Please, have some consideration!”

According to the survey HAFS Harbinger conducted, 63.6% of the 30 participants said they saw students taking private lessons inside school facilities. They stated that the places where students take private lessons vary from Lux hall, the parking lot, benches, and even the schoolyard. Out of these 63.6% of students, 50% claimed that they caught sight of this at least three times.

When asked of their opinions on private tutoring, again, 63.6% of them responded that having private lessons inside the school is wrong, 31.8% replied that they really don’t care, and the rest showed their pessimistic view of this issue, claiming that while taking measures for prevention would be good, they wouldn’t be effective. When students who viewed the issue negatively were asked why, they replied: “Permitting outsiders into our school can cause various problems.”; “School is a place of public education. Therefore, bringing tutors in to take private lessons inside school is simply wrong.”; “As long as they are in school, self-studying or using weekends to go to academies is better.”; “From the first place, choosing to come to HAFS, they chose to study by themselves.” Others who thought differently replied: “Private tutoring is a matter of free choice of students.” ; “It doesn’t really bother others.” “It’s their use of money and it doesn’t really harm others anyway.”

Taking notice of the issue, the school has strengthened the security system. Now, the ADT works to keep any outsiders off the school grounds.



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