NOP: Needs Organized Planning

One NOP participant reflects on the irksome lack of planning behind the overall event

Goeun Han ‘19

The Night of Passion (NOP) is undoubtedly one of the most interesting HAFS events, especially for the school performance clubs; their one and only official “showtime.” After several drastic reforms by the school, this year’s NOP on May 25 ended successfully. But this journalist, who was one of the performers, personally thinks that the planning process had some unpleasant points.

Unexpected time limitation

Each performance team was required to write an application form for the NOP. The application required a specific plan for their program, including the expected running time. There wasn’t any mentioning of a time limit. However, on May 17, eight days before the performance, there was a sudden and unofficial announcement that there was, in fact, a time limit: five minutes. Most of the teams, not having known the time limitation, had to remove or revise their performances. Later during the OT, it was revealed that the time limit was set for fairness. It would have been better if the school had announced it before the OT; after all, the school knew the phone number of the members of the performance teams included in the application.

The gap between actual plan and the announced plan

During the whole process of NOP, there were many incidents when the announced plans were cancelled. The discrepancy between the actual plan and the announced plan began with the audition. The school said that there would be an audition to select the performance teams. To pass the audition, all teams had to work harder. However, the audition was cancelled without any official announcement. The rehearsal plan, which was announced by the Facebook page of the HAFS Department of Event Planning, was also changed as there were no managed rehearsals. Before the last rehearsal at 4 P.M. of the very day of NOP, the only thing performance teams could do was to just go up on the stage and check their flow-path, which was severely insufficient for the teams using instruments. Also, the performance teams only had their first audio equipment check at the last rehearsal. For the teams using microphones, they could not check whether they were appropriately working until they were actually on stage.

Each performance team that went stage tried its best to show HAFS students and teachers high-quality performances. It was clear that everyone  who joined the NOP enjoyed the event. Still, it is a shame that the preparation of the NOP itself was far from perfection. We all hope that next year’s NOP would be much better than this year’s.


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