HAFS Lacrosse: Keep Lax To The Max

Sungho Park ‘20

On May 27, the Lacrosse Kodiaks and the Lacrosse Strikers successfully completed the Korean National Lacrosse Competition, with the Strikers ranking first in the women’s division and the Kodiaks ranking second in the men’s. Seven schools participated in the men’s division. The Kodiaks played against Incheon Haneul High School, Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages, and Incheon Posco Academy.

For this competition, a multitude of HAFS students, from freshmen to juniors, practiced lacrosse for more than a month. Every lunchtime, every team member would run out to the tennis court to practice as soon as class ended. Also, twice a week, students would play  during the Elective Track lacrosse class to get acquainted with team formation and game strategy. Everyday, at 11 p.m., an hour before roll call, all students would assemble at the tennis court to practice shooting and passing incessantly.

While playing lacrosse, some students would get hit by rapidly flying lacrosse balls,  and discover themselves bruised all over. Two of the Kodiaks players even injured their legs and had to wear plastic casts, but such injuries did not keep them from passionate participation during practice. The seniors also practiced together despite their hectic schedules and led the team, providing great advice to the freshmen and sophomores. Even after the competition, both men and women lacrosse teams are practicing constantly, striving to perform better in the upcoming September Freshmen League and the Autumn League.



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