Extreme Changes in the CSAT Policy

Do Hyun Kim ‘19

President Moon Jae-in, elected as the 19th president of Korea, announced that there will be dramatic changes in college admission system. One of his main education policy is changing the relative evaluation college scholastic aptitude test (수능) into an absolute evaluation system. Although the government is quite firm about its position, there are many discussions going on about the change.

HAFS Harbinger interviewed two second graders- one from humanities course and one from the natural science course about the changes.

  What do you think about the new government’s idea of changing the CSAT system?

Natural Science course student: Well, I think it’s not a very good idea to change the policy. First of all, the universities won’t be able to define who is academically superior over others students. Plus, the change will only cause students to be more obsessed with high school records and private education market to grow-which is far from the original purpose. Also, students are likely to lose interest in study, concluding that he/she just needs to get an A, which is quite easy to get.

Humanities course student: I haven’t really given it a thought, actually, since it doesn’t really affect us (class of 2019), but I think it’s unnecessary, too. There will be too many students qualified to enter a university. The universities will have a hard time finding proper criteria to evaluate students. And the government is trying to change things that could be noticed easily, not the fundamental problem.

In my personal opinion, I actually understand why the government wants to change CSAT, but I do not agree with the method. According to the article of Veritas Alpha, 77% of the deans of admissions are against absolute evaluation, and the students will have to take diverse examinations when applying to universities.

The interviewees and seven students who answered to a previous online survey are mostly against the changes in CSAT. Though it is hard to conclude hastily, it seems that the government should listen to what the students have to say before jumping the gun with the new policy.

(image source: 한겨래 신문)


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