Power of Time

Jean Kwon, ‘19

  Everyone in the world has probably wished that they could rewind the time to certain moments. It could be the moment when you messed up your final exam, or it could be when you woke up late in the morning and found out that you were totally late for school. People generally think that if only we could go back in time and make a difference, the results would be much more pleasing. Of course, traveling in time is a mere fantasy. However, in the world of movies, anything is possible.
Time travel is a popular motif of films. Even though the movies that deal with “time” share the same theme, each movie contains a different story and message. It is because even though people live through the same time, we live different lives, and fill out different days in our lives.


Poster of “About Time” (Copyright Universal Studios)

The well-known movie About Time holds a deep message about our life and time. In the movie, the main character Tim, finds out that he can travel back in time, as his father tells him on Tim’s first birthday as a grown up, that every man in their family can travel back in time. From then on, he uses his power for various reasons, but mainly to find his love, Mary. However the process is not simple and clean because he did not think about the aftermath of his time travels and changes that he made with his past actions. Tim’s father says, “The butterfly effect is huge,” as Tim gets shocked by the fact that his child has changed after he time traveled before the birth of his baby. We make choices every day in our life. We make choices in every moment in our days. The movie About Time tries to deliver the message that every choice that one make is meaningful in that way, and every time that we pass away is critical and valuable for us. The movie ends with Tim’s narration that he does not travel back in time anymore. Rather, he lives a day as if it is a second time he is living the day, as if he went back in time to notice how the sweet the world can be, letting down the tension and the worries. The “Secret Formula for Happiness”
The power of time depends on how we live the time in our life. Choices that we make every day can be regretted, but it the way is meaningful in itself, as we carry on with those choices, writing down the next page in our story. The genuine power of time does not come from the time traveling, but derives from enjoying our time and our day. Look around and make your day and your time warm.
As Tim said, “We are all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”


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