The World Scholar’s Cup in Jeju

The World Scholar’s Cup in Jeju


  The Jeju regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC), a never-ending yet annual event that happens globally, took place across two days, January 13 to 14. What one would mainly think about when given the phrase “World Scholar’s Cup” are the cute little stuffed animals people get back from every event – the alpaca. As a sign of harmonious unity among many students with different nationalities, the sound of a happy alpaca, “PWAA,” is accepted as a unanimous sign of agreement and communication in every round of the World Scholar’s Cup.

In each particular round, as was with the regional round in Jeju, there are four main events. First is the impromptu debate. Two teams with three members each clash on one agenda that is given 15 minutes prior to the debate, and participants are graded on primarily how convincing their argument was. Each team debates three rounds, and teams are awarded both in teams and individually. Then is the collaborative writing, which is an event that requires participants to write on a topic according to one of the six themes previously given out to participants on the official website. Again, this event is awarded both to teams and to individuals. Next is the Academic Challenge, which is a written examination on the themes and questions released on the WSC website.

Individuals are primarily rewarded, but all the scores accumulate towards a final award given at the end of the round. Finally, there is the Buzzer Challenge, which is the longest round. It is a speed quiz in which each member of a team can talk with each other to come up with the accurate answer in a limited amount of time.


Stuffed toy alpacas were given out at the event; “Pwaaa”

By experiencing this process, the most challenging was the team debate – even though there are only three rounds of debate, each round was increasingly brain consuming as impromptu rebuttals and arguments flew about the room. However, this was over-whelmed by the positive attitude prevalent throughout the event. As it is not a matter of losing and winning but rather enjoying the opportunity to experience genuine scholarship, the reporter herself was able to truly cherish each and every event and is currently looking forward to the global round. A definite thumbs-up to anyone hesitating on participating.


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