Hwarang(Flag Football) Winter Camp

Hwarang(Flag Football) Winter Camp

Inhan Kang, ‘19

  Our school’s flag football team, Hwarang, went to their winter camp that took place in Dongtan Central Park. Every year, the players go to two training camps, one in summer and the other in winter. Here’s a look at how they spend their exciting three days.


Hwarang members (class of ’17, ’18 & ’19) pose in the snow during the winter camp. 


Fitness training is one of the first things they do as it is the basis of everything. Running laps is a necessity along with specified routes that help with physical strength as well as in-game performances. This usually proceeds until noon at which the players take a quick lunch break. After lunch, the training takes a more specified course as this is the time for Hwarang to practice their game strategies. The name of these in-game strategies usually consists of various numbers assigned with random names. “Papa Ray,” “63,” “Pitch Lee” are some of them among many. The players run these routes consistently until they have mastered it or if the coach calls otherwise. This is the foundation of their repeated success during many of their competitions. Training ends a few hours before dinner and the players regularly spend this interval playing mini games or extra training.

All official training finishes after dinner. The food, naturally, is healthy as well. Nothing too spicy nor salty, but a healthy nutritional meal adequate to fulfill one’s hunger. The hotel isn’t a grand one either. Just normal rooms for five to six people. The players finish their day here, usually falling asleep immediately due to the hardcore training.


This is the basic life of our football players. They train, eat, sleep, then train again. They endure the intense heat of the summer, and undergo cutting winds during the winter. Not the typical way to spend vacation though Hwarang seems to be enjoying their stay. They can be seen training with smiles on their faces clearly enjoying their time together as teammates. This mood continues even after camp in an everlasting friendship. Who knew these training camps had such significance?


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