Ethical Vegan: How You Can Make a Change

Ethical Vegan: How You Can Make a Change

Seunghee Lee, ‘19

  We all say that we are against animal cruelty. We all say that we love animals. We acknowledge that products in the market from cosmetics to medicine are manufactured through unethical process. But we never do anything. An Ethical Vegan is one who incorporates their beliefs against the cruelty of animals into their lifestyle by using cruelty-free products; an act that you too can participate in.

Every year, millions of rabbits, monkeys, rats, cats, sheep and so many more innocent species of animals are killed for animal testing. Are their deaths even worth it? Results tell us that they aren’t. According to the 2015 report by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), 92% of successful animal tested products fail when used on humans. And yet, millions of innocent lives are killed for this meaningless cause each year. They cut holes in the stomachs of animals and pour in liquid by poking tubes into their eyes. There are millions of alternatives such as using 3D tissue construct models currently used in breast cancer treatment research.


Companies (mostly cosmetics) that use animal testing (Copyright PETA)

I’m not telling you to go vegetarian. I’m telling you that as a consumer you have to acknowledge that some of the products that you unknowingly buy are funding and paying the companies that produce in unethical ways. Inisfree, Chanel, TonyMoly, Estee Lauder, Dior, Kiehls; for any brand you name, chances are, they use animal testing.
It’s hard to start an ethical vegan lifestyle. So here’s a starter’s guide. PETA has a list of the companies that use animal testing ranging from cosmetic brands to types of clothing material to avoid. You can also look up various YouTubers who live a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle by just searching vegan on YouTube.

After being a vegetarian and an ethical vegan(though I am still at the beginning) for little over a month. I have learned that it isn’t easy to maintain this lifestyle in Korea. Change will happen in the smallest of places when you focus on issues instead of leaving them in the dust. Start now. Take control of the changes you can make.


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