Freundschaftsspiel, A Friendly Match

Freundschaftsspiel, A Friendly Match

Youngbean Kim, 18′

Photo credits: 이지현(former HAFS student, German course)

In November 15, the girls’ basketball team from Berlin Cosmopolitan School visited Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies to have a Freundschaftsspiel, German for exhibition game (friendly match). The team was coached by Mr. Sven Wehrmeyer, the sports & ethics teacher in BCS.

They played against the home team MVP, the girls’ basketball team in HAFS. The domestic course students learning German had several roles, working as translators and announcers for the game. They made and handed out pamphlets containing basketball terminology in both German and Korean. The pamphlets also had basic phrases that might come in handy, had the students wished to try out their Korean/German skills. Later in the evening, it was also the students’ roles to serve as tour guides around our school.

Members of Showtime, the boys’ basketball team, worked as officials for the game, running outside of the court. The close, competitive game went on until 6, and it ended with the BCS team’s victory over the home team. It was an indicator of how skillful the guest team was, considering that most of the players had been suffering from jet lag.

When the game ended, the players all went to the HAFS cafeteria for their evening meal. Dinner consisted of bibimbap (Korean dish of mixed rice) along with chicken. As they ate together, the players from both HAFS and BCS had a chance to get to know each other and learn about German/Korean culture. After dinner, the BCS students were led by HAFS students to look around the school and the facilities. The short tour ended at the school’s convenience store to try out Korean snacks foods and a few oddities, such as hot canned coffee.

Mr. Sven Wehrmeyer was pleased with the results, but not necessarily because the BCS students won. He emphasized that though it was a competitive game, the fundamental goal for both teams was to build rapport. Nevertheless, he was proud of the young players, who were dedicating a great portion of their time and effort despite their final exams being very near.

As a former professional player and the founder of the Sports Academy Berlin, he was seeking potential sister schools in Asia. “It was touching to be greeted by the students in HAFS,” Mr. Wehrmeyer said, referring to the pamphlets, posters and signs that welcomed them in German.

One of the elements that impressed the guest team the most was the cheerleaders that came in during the break between quarters and danced to K-pop. While BCS does not yet have a cheerleading crew, Mr. Wehrmeyer said he was strongly contemplating creating one in the near future.

The BCS team will be staying in Korea for a week. While staying near Myungdong, they planned on visiting the DMZ the next day. Throughout the week, they will visit other schools in the Seoul area such as the Iwha Women’s University.



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