Diary of the ‘HAFS FESTIVAL’ Staff

Diary of the ‘HAFS FESTIVAL’ Staff

 HAFS FESTVIAL in a staff’s viewpoint

Writer Han Goeun, ’19

Photo: Han Goeun

D- 34 AND D- 6


34 days before the HAFS festival, HAFS Department of Event Planning announced that they are recruiting staffs for the HAFS festival. Many students, regardless of their course, applied. Finally, on July 13, 6 days before the HAFS festival, the list of staff was announced trough the Facebook page.



During the preparation for the festival, HAFS students must have seen the posters advertising the performance clubs of HAFS. These posters were put up around the campus by the staff. 15 staff members were divided into groups, each taking charge of three to four kinds of posters. Designated places to put poster: the wall in front of the convenient store, the board outside the gym, hallways in Challenge hall and Pioneer hall, near the music room and ex art room, conference room, senior’s study hall in Dream hall.

Scissors, tape and cooperation was crucial for the work.




The night before the HAFS FESTIVAL was the busiest time for the staff. First of all, they had to set the tables to prepare the booths. The tables were heavy for a person to carry alone. For booths inside the Lux hall, no extra tables were needed since there are already tables inside.


After all the tables were set, the staff set the name tags made by members of the HAFS Department of Event Planning.


After placing the name tags, the next thing to do was to fix the outlets. For this year’s HAFS FESIVAL, most booths asked for electricity, so it was essential to fix the outlets onto the floor so that they won’t cause others to trip. Under the HAFS Department of Event Planning’s directions, the staff fixed the outlets on the floor. It was the most time-consuming work and the most important procedure.



The day of HAFS FESTIVAL has arrived. From morning, the staff had various things to do. They kept students in line while preparing for the parade, arranged the chairs in the gym after the orchestra’s performance, participated in the booth of HAFS Department of Event Planning, arranged the tables used for booths before the NOP started, and arranged chairs right after the Interlude performance.


It sure was a tough schedule. However, many people participated and helped. Like the time when staffs and members of the HAFS Department of Event Planning arranged the chairs, several students who were watching the performance joined to help, saving much of our time. Preparing for HAFS FESTIVAL as a staff allowed me to learn the value of cooperation and love for our school. I can’t say that preparation was always fun, but it was one of the most valuable things that I have done in my first semester. HAFS FESTIVAL is more than a festival for everyone.


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