On May 22nd, the 2016 High School Lacrosse Tournament for girls was held. The day was hot, and there was no wind passing by. At 9 o’ clock, the girls met each other and began to warm up. They line drilled, which is passing balls while running in a line, and started to get used to the ball. One student said that she was nervous but excited since there aren’t many games for high school lacrosse. One hour later, the girls got into the bus and headed to the Hanam Sports Complex. After an hour or so, they finally arrived to the field. Their first opponent was Bugil Academy, located in Cheonan. HAFS Lacrosse Strikers beat them easily. The next opponent was GAFL, the Gyeonggi Academy of Foregin Language. They were rather a tough opponent since they had won the last high school tournament. They are famous for their solid basic skills. The game was tough as anticipated. HAFS Lacrosse Strikers was losing one point behind GAFL five minutes before the game ended. Both teams were exhausted but neither of them could stop running because this was an important tournament. The team that lost the game would automatically be ranked lower than third place. Fortunately, HAFS Lacrosse Strikers was the one to taste the joy of victory. Last year, they had a painful experience of winning second place. However, this year, they took the trophy back. Angela Hwang, the 11th captain of the HAFS Lacrosse Strikers expressed the feeling of winning as “Jonna joha” which means “it was damn good” in Korean.

BY Seunghee Han ‘18


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