Advanced placements, or APs in short, are the enemy to international course students for the month of May. They are examinations that test a student’s academic ability of basic college-level knowledge across the specific subject. Qualification can range from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. Taking place across 2 long weeks, it is normally extremely burdensome for students to keep pace with both their academics and their APs. Especially this year, many spotlighted incidents added to HAFS students’ burden.

First, the cancellation and postponements of the World History course angered several students. As Collegeboard sent the wrong number of exam packets, 12 students from freshmen or juniors who previously signed up for World History, had their examinations cancelled.

Enlarging the spark of fury was the cancellation of 3 more APs – environmental science, chemistry, and psychology – all scheduled for the first day, May 2. Collegeboard had managed to send the exam packets to arrive at the wrong date. As a means of compensation, they promised to postpone their exams to the late APs without a late fee.

Still, as the cancellation was one-sidedly told to the students merely 3 days before the exam, this kindled anger in many students preparing for these subjects. Since the late APs are told to be either harder, or to have a higher cutline than regular exams, anger heightened.

Considering that APs are a key part of college and university applications, especially those in the United Kingdom, this mistake is recognized as considerable. However, the entire process is sorted by Collegeboard, so students can only hope that this type of mistake would not happen again.

After all repackaging and sending back exam packets to Collegeboard finished, anxiety of students will persist until the results are released on Collegeboard website for viewing on 19th, July.

BY Yeojin Jung ‘18



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