The phenomenal K-Pop group “Twice” is back with its second album, “Page Two.” Like the group’s first album “The Story Begins”, “Page Two” has turned Twice once again into a nationwide sensation with its signature track, “Cheer Up.” People just cannot stop listening to the song’s catchy tune, or stop dancing along to its energetic music video. But “Cheer Up” did not just give people a new song to add to their playlists. Its lyrics have created an internet sensation.

“Sorry I couldn’t pick up earlier,” sang Twice on stage. “I was meeting my friends, shy shy shy.” Then Sana, the yellow-haired member of the group, brought her fists to each cheek. Looking down with a sheepish grin, she turned her fists in small, quick movements, performing the classic Korean cute gesture “Bbooing bbooing.” This entire action took about five seconds, but before anyone could say “Shy shy shy,” it became one of the biggest trends to hit Facebook this year. Social networkers all over Korea have been uploading posts, or private-messaging their SNS friends with the famous “Shy shy shy” concluding one or more of their sentences. Even major companies and city officials were not safe from the rapid spread of the new trend. Slogans such as “Coming to Haewoondae, shy shy shy” decorated the news feeds of every social networker for more than a month.

People who adore the sensational phrase claim that it is seriously addictive. But many have probed deeper, presenting some theories on why “Shy shy shy” has become the newest craze among Koreans. First, the unique and easily-imitable pronunciation may have made this phrase so addictive. In all of Twice’s performance of “Cheer Up”, “Shy shy shy” is pronounced as “Sha Sha Sha.” This alteration may have piqued the listeners’ interest, and due to its simple pronunciation, it had people imitating it in no time. The second theory is that the general cuteness of the singer herself had played a role. The “Bbooing bbooing” that accompanies the catchphrase is cute in itself. But when it was performed by the attractive singer Sana, the move became positively adorable. It is possible that the audience, charmed by the cuteness of “shy shy shy,” has started to imitate it.

“Shy shy shy” dominated the social network as “Cheer Up” conquered the music chart. This huge success shows that even the most miniscule fraction of a whole can create an extraordinary sensation. And it seems like the craze is not going to fade away anytime soon.

BY Se Eun Kim’19


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