There are various of events and campaigns in HAFS throughout the year, but one of the most popular events that students wait for is the Manito event that happens twice a year. It is also one of the biggest event that is held by the Student Council’s Department of Event Planning.

Manito means “secret friend” in Italian. Basically you pick your Manitte, the person that you have to be a secret friend for, by drawing him or her by lots. You have to take care of your Manitte for a certain period. Usually a group or an organization, for instance a department in a company or in church, holds this Manito event to get close with one another since it is a very easy way to get to know a person whom you did not know.

Each Manito event has a theme the Student Council plans. Last year’s theme was “Preference Match”. The Manito had to give a present that his or her Manitte might like, and recommend them a good song, music or a book every time. This semester’s theme was “WHO.A.U?” The Manito had to give a hint of him or herself every time when they give a present to their Manitte. Manitte’s responsibility is to guess their Manito and confirm presents or tracks of their Manito through the Student Council’s Facebook page.

The Manito event was held from May 18th to May 24th, and the Manitte selection was done two days before the event started. The members of the Department of Event Planning let the students choose their Manitte by drawing a long small paper that had their Manitte’s name, student number, phone number and his or her dorm room number.

“It was a very unique expirience for me even though I have done this kind of Manito before.” a student in the International Course expressed her thoughts about the Manito event. “Since I do not know everyone in this school, I’m very curious about my Manito. Also, because there is a possibility that my Manitte have already guessed who I am, my heart goes pit-a-pat every time I get close to her to give her a present,” he said.

Students were surprised when they got a present or a note from their Manito, and they tried to figure out who their secret friend was. It was a very delightful and pleasing sight to see students thinking and taking care of one another without a reward or a payment. It was also a very effective way of getting close to somebody whom you did not know before.

Students are not only satisfied with their Manito event, but they are also looking forward to the second semester’s Manito event. The creative theme, warm care from their Manito, and the excitement and anxiousness of getting revealed to their Manitte are the charming points of HAFS’s Manito event.

BY Jean Kwon’19



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