On May 13th, students prepared Teacher’s Day events for their homeroom teachers. Although the actual Teacher’s Day is May 15th, most students decided to celebrate it beforehand because the actual day was on a Sunday. Students filled the board with thank you messages, prepared letters, small cake, and snacks, and decorated the classrooms with balloons.

Although Teacher’s Day is celebrated only a two months after the beginning of the new school year, it is a meaningful day for students to express their gratitude towards their teachers, who not only provide them with knowledge of specific subjects but also give advice on how to spend a great school year and how to raise their overall grades. Especially to students in HAFS, who live in dorms, teachers are like “second parents” whom students can go to when they are having problems at school.

The Teacher’s Day events were especially important to sophomores and seniors who also celebrated the day with teachers who taught them on previous years. Many students visited their last year’s homeroom teachers, sang songs, gave them hand-written letters, and had a small reunion with classmates from the previous year.

This year, there weren’t any official ceremonies or videos celebrating teacher’s day, but students still were able to express how they feel to their teachers just a few months into the school year.

BY Suzy Park ’18


Class 3-1 of the International Department celebrates Teacher’s Day with their homeroom teacher.


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