Located in the newly renovated Lux Hall, the CU Convenience Store is a must-go place for students in HAFS. Filled with outside goodies, midnight snacks, and drinks, the convenience store replenishes stomachs and empties wallets in no time. Sitting behind the counter every weekend is a young lady whom students must have wondered about at least once during their time in HAFS. Who is she? How did she come here? What does she like?


Courtesy of HAFS Camp

As it turns out, she is actually a college student majoring in Creative Writing at Seoul Arts College, as her jacket logo proudly declares in white letters. She put down the book she was reading for the interview; she was reading Kim Kyung Wook’s “Door of Heaven”, which won the Grand Prize in the 40th Yi Sang Literary Award. When asked of her choice of books, she replied that annually, she reads nearly all the books that were the recipients of prestigious literary awards including Yi Sang Literary Award, Contemporary Literature (Hyundae Munhak) Award, and Dong-in Literary Award. “That is why I’m majoring in Creative Writing. I always enjoyed reading and writing since I was a child.”

Introduced to this job from her friend who worked here before her, she started working here from 2013. When she first began, some of the students were actually older than she was. “Please include that I was born in 1995. Some students think I’m older,” she stated with a smile. She also requested to be called “unni” throughout the interview, saying “We’re only a couple years apart. I really don’t mind when students call me unni or nunna. I wish students would try to talk to me more. After all, the students I remember fondly are the ones who greeted me brightly and stroke up a conversation with me.” In her nearly three years of working at the store, her most flustered experience is when people asked for discounts. Another memorable happening is when a student bought three of the same item and out of curiosity, she tried it herself, only to find it taste disgusting. Her favorite menu is very simple, Dove chocolate.

Since many students return to their homes or go to academies during weekends, there are only a few customers that usually come concentrated at specific time periods. As if to prove this, only one girl came in to purchase ramen during the half-hour interview. In charge of the store which is empty most of the time, she usually listens to music, plays with her smartphone, or reads book when she’s bored. She is currently a big fan of the seven-member boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys), Jungkook “oppa” being her favorite member. Her other big hobby is watching movies. She describes herself as a huge movie fan, especially enjoying classic movies like “Leon” mostly from the 90s. She doesn’t really watch recent movies but enjoys reading critics’ opinions now and then.

Near the end of the interview, she revealed her more serious side, talking about her dreams for the future. “I want to become a good adult – someone whom people admire. There are some adults who have twinkling eyes, filled with passion and enthusiasm. I want to become that sort of person,” she said.

On a closing note, she gave a piece of advice to students, telling them to truly relish their time as teenagers:

“When I was in high school, I didn’t really understand when adults said that I was pretty the way I was. Now that I’m a bit older, I finally get what they meant. Students look prettiest when they dress like students, without short skirts and make-ups. So enjoy your pure and young teenage years when you can.”

BY Jiin Jeong ’17



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