Video clip about filibuster was broadcasted live at the Light Breeze (a.k.a Labe) Video Screening while the screening was delayed. Labe was the screening of a famous idol EXO’s member Baekhyun and Sehun. It was shocking that the filibuster video was shown at such an event. As you can see from this incident, filibuster is clearly one of the hottest issues in Korea at the moment, regardless of age.

The word “filibuster” derives from the Spanish word “filibustero” which means pirate or mercenary. Filibuster in Korea started on February 23, 2016, as the opposition party argued against the ruling party’s proposal to pass the Anti-terrorism Law. Some controversies filibuster deals with are the necessity of reform, the invasion of privacy, and the reliability of national intelligence service. However, filibuster is noteworthy because the public’s awareness of politics, especially on the congress members, has changed.

Most people’s notion of the National Assembly has been that they are not functioning as they should be. People even mocked the congress by pointing out Guk K-1 as one of the world’s three biggest martial arts organization. However, such prejudice changed after the filibuster. Many SNS users started to consider filibuster as beneficial general lectures. High-quality information on the constitutional law, civil rights, politics, media, modern history, economy, and related cultural arts poured in during filibuster due to the diverse professions and knowledge of the congress members on the opposition party.

Furthermore, filibuster issue generally augmented people’s interest in politics. Filibuster have been broadcasted live in many websites. Among those, Youtube, with its live-chatting service, especially promoted interaction among people and brought forth active participation. People were able to share their political opinions and many constructive discussion enriched them.

While it is a positive change, eagerness and involvement in politics that people showed during the filibuster should not end as a one-time happening. People’s interest in the politics is a crucial step to the better developed democratic society. Not to mention, political insight is required of HAFS students as the next global leaders. Hopefully, filibuster motivated HAFS students to be more attentive and involved in political matters.

BY Goeun Han ’19


(Courtesy of Korea Joongang Daily)


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