As a HAFS freshman, I experienced every single emotion that a human being can encounter in a lifetime here at HAFS, in just 3 days. Excitement, fear, nostalgia, happiness and embarrassment swept over me like hurricane. I felt like a chimp at a subway bewildered by the unfamiliar environment surrounding me. There were clubs to try out, food to eat and people to just gaze at in amazement. Through this process I was able to grasp the true meaning of independence.

On February 25, I carried my luggage up to my dormitory, I felt like I was in a daydream. The day I’ve been dreaming of was now a reality right in front of my eyes. The first emotion that I experienced was genuine happiness at the fact that I achieved my goal. I waved goodbye to my mom as she turned and walked back to the car. That was when I realized the responsibility I would carry. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents, but the difficult journey that I would face frightened me. It seemed as if the three years in HAFS would determine the rest of my life, forever.

The freshmen welcoming party was spectacular. Everyone here seemed to be so talented at something whether it was dancing, singing, or acting. But it wasn’t just their talent that caught my eyes. Everyone was so enthusiastic and passionate. As I watched in awe, I felt myself shrinking. Having the privilege to be around people who excel in so many things is a great honor but it also brought me to question how I got here in the first place when I was nothing like the people preforming on stage.

“Be independent, invest in yourself.” I didn’t realize the depth of those words until I started preparing for club auditions and dealing with a whole lot of other things at school. Here at HAFS you make your own decisions because there isn’t anyone here to guide you. There isn’t a fixed answer to the perfect way to spend school life in HAFS. You invest in yourself and unravel your value. It’s frightening to think that you’re out on your own like a cub in the wilderness but it’s also the challenge I’ve been willing to take. Being a daredevil takes willingness and responsibility to accept the consequences of ones actions, good or bad. I knew that the competition would be frightful but the result would be great for those who take the journey like a daredevil at each moment. So HAFS, I’m ready for the challenge.

BY Seunghee Lee ’19


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