It’s been about a week since our admission and I’m having a blast. The first night at the dormitory was very relaxing and I found it surprisingly easy to adjust to my new settings. Although the dorms weren’t too big in size, they were adequate enough to sustain two individuals and had all the necessities as well. So, I’m more or less content with what I’m given, even though the dormitories may be smaller than expected.

For the first few days, many people kept to themselves and didn’t mingle with people without specific reason. However, after the initial ice-breaking, more small talk erupted, there was some elusive shouting, and students became more familiar with their current situation. The usual division between the three departments (International, Humanity, Science) ceased to exist and everyone came together as one huge, universal community destined to become global leaders.

However, prior to any kind of leading, a lot of freshmen (including myself) found the vast school curriculum to be very confusing and daunting. People are hoping that things will become lucid after some time and that we’ll be able to capitalize on the various activities applying to us. Unsurprisingly, though, there is one particular fact that I think everyone will agree on. Even though little time has passed since our arrival, we’re already beginning to realize that the weekends are clearly better than the weekdays, for a few simple reasons. Most importantly, we’re allowed to oversleep. Nothing feels better than waking up feeling nice and bright, which is nearly impossible to achieve during the weekdays. Secondly, we’re allowed to visit the dormitories as we please and not be limited by any protocol. Many of us are extremely familiar with the dorms, even considering it to be our own homes on some occasions. A student’s natural tendency is to enjoy the warmth and comfort of their respective homes and this principle applies to the dormitories as well.

All in all, everyone is having a great time getting used to how the school runs and how we can avail ourselves to certain advantages. Also, everybody is utilizing the first week to get used to others, and I dare say that HAFS really is universally inspiring. We all have great potentials matched with great expectations and I truly believe that everyone has the latent ability to change not just our country, but also the world  hopefully into a better place.

BY Inhan Kang ’19


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