Walking across the hall, it was not hard to spot a few freshmen walking up and down, chewing nervously on their lips. The occasional chatter and mumbling reminded students that it was that time of the year again, the hectic club interview period.

Starting from February 27, the official HAFS club interviews went on for four days. The club interviews are the most important process for recruiting new members, as sophomores can find out who the people adequate are for the club by having actual conversations with the freshmen. A lot of clubs require the applicants to complete an application form before the interview, but an equally large amount of clubs do not require it at all, so the interviews are the best opportunity for the freshmen to express their passion for the club and opinions about the club’s activities.

Although the overall interview formats were similar, the styles differed slightly from club to club. Most clubs asked questions based on the responses of the application form, such as what kind of activities they wanted to do in the future. Academic clubs often asked about topics that tested the applicant’s logical thinking skills or basic knowledge. Some clubs asked the applicants to sing or dance in order to see how much they wanted to be in the club. Debate clubs held actual debates to see how well the applicants organize their thoughts in a limited amount of time and speak logically, since it is the quality needed for debates.

It was an opportunity for the freshmen to sense the atmosphere of the club and meet the sophomores who will be guiding them through the various activities for the year. Also, since most interviews were short, around 10 minutes, it was a chance for freshmen to learn to express themselves, make a positive first impression, and prove that they deserve to be a member.

For the sophomores, although they had to sit through the interview which lasted at least three to four hours and even days at most, it was an important experience for them since they were able to recognize the amount of talent that the freshmen had.

After the interviews all ended, clubs posted online the list of the new members and had an orientation session for the new members. During the orientation, new members were able to meet the sophomores and learn about the activities and sessions that would take place. It’s a new start once again, for both the freshmen and the sophomores.

BY Suzy Park ‘18



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