Sherlock is Back (Contains Spoiler)

After 2 years of waiting, Sherlock is finally back! The movie “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” was released on January 2nd, 2016 in Korea. The news that another Sherlock series will be premiered in the theater excited many Sherlock fans.

The movie starts by giving a short recap of the last three seasons and then takes the audience back to the Victorian era, specifically the 1880s, the same time period when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the original stories. The famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson’s memorable first meeting at the 221B Baker Street is also included in the movie.

After the short introduction, the story jumps further into time when Holmes and Watson have been investigating as a team for quite a while. Watson has even published stories of their adventures in The Strand. Then the case begins. As usual, Inspector Lestrade needs help and comes to the duo with the mysterious case of Emelia Ricoletti, a bride who committed suicide by shooting herself but somehow rose from the dead to murder her husband on the same night. Despite Watson insisting that it was either a ghost or a twin, Holmes soon gets bored with the case and leaves it open.

Months later, Mycroft, now obese, endangers his life in order to win a bet against his brother and brings Holmes and Watson in on another case. Lady Carmichael had insisted that her husband had been behaving strangely, and the couple had even met with the ghost of Emelia Ricoletti, who promised a certain death for Sir Eustace. Despite their best efforts, Sir Eustace is stabbed by someone. Lestrade arrives later and points out that the murderer left a note, a note that was absent when Holmes first saw the body. Tied to the murder weapon, the note contains a very familiar phrase from an infamous consultant criminal: Miss Me?

Soon after, a present day Sherlock is jolted awake by a moustache-less John. That’s right – the first hour of the show takes place in his drug-enhanced mind palace. The months (maybe even years) Victorian-era Sherlock and Watson spent on the Ricoletti case are actually five minutes it takes for the plane to land after Mycroft’s phone call.

The rest of the episode switches from the actual world and Sherlock’s mind palace both in the Victorian and modern era. It is truly a narrative masterpiece, honoring Doyle’s original work and providing a fantastic lead up to season four.

The New Year’s special, though worth a second or third watching, is like a cocktail of previous seasons, dead brides and even time travel, which was honestly confusing and sometimes unnecessary. That said, it is a highly captivating episode, one that sets the stage perfectly for season four.

Now that viewers know definitively (although you never know with Sherlock) about Moriarty’s death and Sherlock’s next move, there is only one thing to do until the release of Sherlock ‘Season 4’ in 2017. Shooting begins this spring, so Sherlock fans: log in to your Twitter accounts and keep track of the filming.

BY Seunghee Han ’18



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