On December 23rd, four enthusiastic HAFS drama clubs, Outburst, Sisyphe, Scene, and Aim presented wonderful productions in the audiovisual room. The productions of each drama club were according to their own unique style. The Korean drama club, Scene, performed a romantic horror movie “Hello Ghost” and was applauded for its creepy yet exciting plot. Another Korean drama club, the Sisyphe rewrote the movie, “Scandal Makers”, with its audience having a great time as usual. AIM, the musical club, having written its own script for the production, was rewarded as its regular audience filled the room.

Out of all, Outburst, the English drama club, created a big hit with its production and gave the audience goosebumps by performing the “Notre Dame de Paris”, which is originally a famous book by Victor Hugo. Ms. Ryu, an English teacher in HAFS, even complimented that this year’s production was the best performance she has seen in 6 years. According to Minwoo Choi, the head of Outburst, this successful performance should be attributed to all members of Outburst including the staffs, actors and seniors who passionately poured their best effort in their individual work, eventually making the whole picture wonderful. Her plan is to preserve such brilliant harmony in upcoming productions. Also, she wishes that Outburst production could continue on offering the audience a valuable meaning to think about as it did through ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ rather than giving a momentary excitement. She hopes to share her sincere passion for creating a production with the entering freshmen next year and is also planning on joining an English play contest.

This production’s success wasn’t a mere luck. Outburst had already finished writing the script during the summer vacation and practiced every morning and lunch time since then. The actors’ scripts are filled with notes about gestures, intonations, emotions, and the comments from the seniors. Constant effort from all members created a production that no one could ever forget. The most astonishing truth behind Outburst’s success is that it had a difficulty incomparable with other drama clubs for it was directed by the freshmen. Because it was their first time leading a production by themselves, the members went through a lot of difficulties from setting up practicing time to managing financial matters. However, after successfully finishing the production, members of Outburst are more confident and eager than ever to prepare for next year’s production. They are also looking forward to getting enthusiastic freshmen to join their club as well as preparing for another fascinating production.

BY Seunghee Han’18



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