There are a lot of clubs made by students in HAFS. Even though there are various official student clubs that have been created several years ago, there are also some unofficial clubs, most of which are recently created, therefore, being too new to pass the screening system. “Untitled” is one of those unofficial, “start-up” clubs. Today, I met the club president Kirak Kim to discuss about the student club and music composition, which they are engaging in.

– Hello, please briefly introduce your student club Untitled and members in it.
Untitled is a student club engaging in composition. Along with a couple other friends who were interested in music composition in diverse genre, I decided to create a student club. Members are engaged in various genre of music, such as electronica, R&B, and metal, and compose music.

-What do you do in Untitled?

There are two main activities: independent composition and concept composition. Independent composition literally means that each member can compose whatever music he or she wants. Concept composition is an activity proceeded every semester; members should compose music related to the concept, which is decided by discussion among members.

– How and when did you made this student club?
I used to know some friends who were interested in composition just like I was. Since I was the only person who knew how to use “Ableton Live,” which is one of the computer-assisted music composition programs, some of those friends came to me and asked me to teach them how to use the program. So, I started teaching them, and one day, it suddenly occurred to me that it will be nice to make a music composition club. Right after I thought of this idea, I started to map out the structure of the club and finally created it with some founding members.

– Music composition is totally fascinating. However, there might have been some difficulties as not many students are professional in this field. How did you overcome these difficulties?
The primary difficulty was that many students, even most of the founding members, didn’t know how to use computer-assisted music composition program. I had to first teach them how to use Ableton Live and make the five founding members create at least one piece of music before the official member recruitment.

-Were there any requirements that students had to meet in order to enter the club?

Right now, there are twelve members in total. I accepted all students who could play at least one musical instrument and were interested in composition – even if they did not know how to compose a music. Since the club is not a “professional” club but a group of students who want to enjoy their special hobbies, I believe that it is right to let as many students as possible to enjoy music composition. The amount was knowledge on music composition does not matter, since the founding members, including me, can teach them from the basic.

– It is interesting that there are various computer-assisted music composition programs. Can you introduce some of the other music programs?

Members of our club only use “Ableton Live,” as I was the one to teach them and the only program that I knew how to use was Ableton Live. However, as I have said before, there are many more programs that allow the user to create music, such as Cubase, Logic Studio, and FL Studio. These programs have very distinctive characteristics. For example, Logic Studio can only be used in iMac, and Cubase is considered to be the most prevalent program among musicians. FL Studio is optimized for composing House or Electronica music. There are much more similarities and differences among these programs, but it will take too much time to mention all of them.

– Freshmen will soon be applying for student clubs. How will you recruit freshmen members next year? What plans did you make for your club in 2016? 
So far, the one and only thing that I plan on asking the freshmen applicants to do is make a music file with their own compositions. I have made a Facebook page and YouTube account for “Untitled.” Next year, the music members create will be uploaded on Youtube along with the projects that I planned and proceeded this year, then shared on Facebook to allow more people to listen to the music we composed. Also, if possible, I am trying to produce an album containing all the compositions.

BY Naeun Lee ’18



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