Among the four theatre groups that performed in 2015 HAFS Drama Night, SCENE, the Korean theater group, made its audience both laugh and cry with its impressive drama. The performance started at 11:05, but many students came earlier starting from 10:40 to wait to see the play in the front row, which shows the continuous popularity of SCENE. The title of the play was ‘I Live by Myself’, based on the synopsis of “Hello, Ghost”, a Korean movie released in 2010.

Sangman, who is raised as an orphan, attempts suicide several times, but fails. Brought to the hospital, Sangman begins to see a family of ghosts, who promises to leave him when he grants all their wishes. Sangman listens to all their requests, such as buying a toy robot, driving taxi to go to the sea, and eating together with Yunsoo. Later, at the end of the play, Sangman regains his lost memory and realizes that the ghosts were actually his family, who died from a car accident when he was young. From then on, Sangman realizes that his family will always be with him, stops committing suicide, and lives happily with Yunsoo.

At the end of the play, when Sangman realizes who the ghosts were, a lot of students were surprised by the unexpected ending and everyone was moved to tears by the heart-warming sight of Sangman’s family. Along with the touching story of the play, the acting of the actors was impressive enough to make most of the students cry. At the same time, SCENE managed to provide the audience with amusement, making them laugh out loud.

As the last play that both 10th and 11th SCENE members will participate in together, it meant so much for all the members of SCENE, as they showed a perfect play to wrap off the year 2015. It was a great time for the students at HAFS to release their stress and meditate on the value of their family.

By Saeweon Min’ 18



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