After the finals, HAFS students began enjoying their remaining days of school. Among them, some students focused on preparing performances for the Christmas Party. On December 23rd, 2015, eight performance clubs of HAFS – a cappella, acoustic band, rock band, rapping, vocal, street dance, female and male K-POP dance club – participated in the Christmas party and delivered their performances in the Conference Room. Each club was allowed 10 minutes to give their performances. The party was scheduled to start at 7:05, but, for some reason, was delayed and started at approximately 7:20. Many students and teachers came to watch the well-prepared performances.

The A cappella group MAVIS gave the first performance. Eight members of the club performed 3 songs in a row: Pentatonix’s “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, “Save the World/Don’t Worry Child”, and “Let it Go” from the animation film “Frozen.” Throughout their performance, members MAVIS effectively showed their beautiful harmony and received a big applause from the audience. The next performance was by the acoustic band C major. Their songs were Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” 2NE1’s “Lonely,” and Christmas song medley. One unique thing about C major’s performance was that Christmas song medley was rearranged by some of the club members. The medley contained several famous Christmas songs, such as “All I want for Christmas is you,” “Santa Claus is coming to town,” “Santa Tell me,” “Last Christmas,” and “White Christmas.”

After the performances by MAVIS and C Major, there was a short event conducted by the Department of Events. For several weeks before the party, Department of Events uploaded a link on their Facebook page so that students could upload their stories anonymously. During the event, members of the Student Council picked several anonymous stories from the link and introduced them to the audience.

After the short event, it was the time for the street dancing club Gesture to perform. Crew members split into two groups; the first group showed Popping, and the second group performed B-boying. Their songs were Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and Beenie Becca’s “Dreamer.” They were followed by vocal club Interlude as five members of the club split into groups of two and three, and sang two songs. The first song was “It’s First Love” originally sung by IU and Na Yoon Kwon, and the second song was “White Winter” originally sung by Lena Park and Kim Bum Soo. Showing their fascinating vocal skills, members of Interlude carried out their performance successfully.

Next was the female K-POP dance club HAYUL. They danced to four popular K-POP songs: Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb,” 2NE1’s “Crush,” TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH,” and 2NE1’s “I am the Best.” Their powerful and attractive movements heated up the audience. Motiv, male K-POP dance club, was took the next stage and showed dynamic choreography of VIXX’s “Chained Up,” and BTS’s “Dope.” As most of the students were familiar to these famous K-POP songs, their reaction to these clubs’ performances was highly favorable.

After these powerful performances and another short event by the Department of Events, hip-hop group C.I.T.Y. showed their brilliant rapping skills by performing LOCO’s “Respect,” and Olltii’s “Uneasy.” The last performance was by rock band NOISE as they performed YB’s “Last Christmas,” Younha’s “Comet,” and Busker Busker’s “Met you by Chance.”

All the eight performance clubs successfully finished their performances in Christmas Party. Their next performances will be the Welcome Party for the incoming freshmen. Students are looking forward to meeting and performing in front of those enthusiastic freshmen.

BY Naeun Lee ’18


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