Every day, several students go to the tennis court with a stick that resembles a dragonfly net. Interestingly, they are not planning on catching dragonflies; rather, they are practicing a sport called lacrosse. HAFS has one of the best men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, the Kodiaks and Lacrosse Strikers. This year, however, both teams had to feel the bitter taste of losing their throne as the winner in the high school lacrosse championship each to lacrosse teams from CNSA and GAFL. This was a big shock to both teams. After the game, both teams set clear goals to take back their place as the champions. Their efforts were directly shown from the day after as around fifteen people came to the optional lunch practice to practice for the next tournament.

The new captain of the Lacrosse Strikers, Angela Hwang, plans to lead the team by enjoyment of the sport itself, and the captain of the Kodiaks, Seungho Shin, plans to make lacrosse more mandatory than before. Both teams planned for next year in different ways: one by making the team looser and the other making the team stricter. Though it is impossible to tell which plan will turn out better, both captains have shown confidence in next year’s games. Captain Hwang believes that because the many members in Lacrosse Strikers who will help her lead the team will eventually help the team to win the Lacrosse Freshmen League along with the two upcoming high school lacrosse championships. Also, Captain Shin thinks that the close relationship between the team members will help the team get the trophy back. So, HAFS students: keep cheering for both men’s and women’s lacrosse teams!

By Seunghee Han’18



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