As the TV drama “Reply 1988” began a new trend of ‘reminiscence’ across the nation, its influence was clearly shown in HAFS as well. With the title “Reply 2010”, the annual graduation play was held on December 22nd in the audiovisual room by the graduating seniors in the International Department. Like the year before, the play focused on school life in HAFS and events surrounding the students, but took the form of graduates at Mr. Moberg’s wedding remembering their school life in 2010. The play showed the complicated, but eventually happy love stories of four couples: an unknowing boyfriend and a secretive gangster girlfriend, a cliche rich boy and a poor girl, best friends with feelings for each other, and a boy suffering from unrequited love healed by another love.

Overall, the play featured a nice mixture of comedy and romance, to satisfy the two things most lacking in the quotidian lives of HAFS students. The comical parody of the teachers in between the scenes especially dragged laughter from the crowd by giving life to the unique traits of characteristic teachers in the International department. All played by one person, actor Seokyoon Jang, four teachers – Mr. Moberg (World History, Literature), Ms. Ha (English), Mr. Dale Lee (Economics), and Mr. Ryu (Physics) – were portrayed. Another noticeable point was the superb selection of music tracks. While songs and special effects often serve as a distraction in school plays, the well-chosen music tracks added to the sweetness and suspense of the play. Surprisingly, they included not only a wide genre of K-Pop songs, but also classical music.

The biggest disappointment this year was the absence of the play by the Domestic Department. Last year, the two individual plays the International and Domestic Department each put on, showed a huge difference in plot, acting style, and characters between the two departments. The cancellation of the Domestic graduation play eliminated the variety that students could have experienced.

More than anything, in the International play itself, the high number of empty seats was regrettable. In fact, the audience was so little in the beginning that the performance was delayed for a couple of minutes and students were asked to call their friends. Traditionally, the play features aspects that only sophomores and seniors in the International Department understand, such as the parody of the teachers and classes. This means that it is difficult to expect audience from freshmen and the Domestic department, and therefore, the participation of International sophomores is crucial. While it is true that the reduced number of International classes and preparation for Drama Night performances naturally led to a fewer number of viewers, if more students took interest and spent just two hours watching the performance seniors prepared so hard for in between their college application period, it would’ve been a more worthwhile time for both the audience and the performers. The empty seats also teaches a lesson to the rising seniors – next year, while preparing for the play, it might be necessary to consider a wider audience pool that is not just limited to the International students.

BY Jiin Jeong ’17



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