Awaiting their entrance to HAFS, a lot of incoming freshmen might be wondering how an ordinary day at HAFS passes by, so here’s a brief overview of how HAFS students spend their day

Wake Up: 7:00 A.M. (Seniors: 6:40 A.M.)
First stop is the dormitory. Every morning, when the roll call announcement, or the wake-up call comes out at 7 o’clock HAFS students wake up and start the day. Senior students are an exception: they have to wake up at 6:40 to get used to the CSAT testing time. The early birds like to wake up earlier, at 6 o’clock, and start studying from then. It is possible to go out of the dorm from as early as 6:30.

Breakfast, Self-Study: 8:00 A.M.~9:00 A.M.
After getting dressed and leaving the dorm, it’s time for breakfast. Meal time is different according to the grades, so there usually aren’t problems of overcrowding. Students are able to choose which type of meal they want to eat: Western or Korean. For Western meals, students are able to choose freely from soup, bread, toast, cereal, and salad. The menu for the Korean meal changes every day. After breakfast, there is about an hour of free time before the 1st period, which many students use to read newspapers or self-study.

1st~4th Period: 9:05 A.M.~12:55 P.M.
The first period starts at 9:05, is followed by three more periods, fifty minutes each with ten minutes breaks, and then lunchtime starts at 12:55. HAFS students often get delicious dishes for lunch, such as pork ribs, pasta, or pizza. During lunchtime, many HAFS students recharge their energy so that they can concentrate during the afternoon classes. Sports clubs often use this time to practice.

5th~6th Period: 2:00 P.M.~3:50 P.M.
7th~8th Period (Free): 4:00 P.M.~5:40 P.M.
At 2 o’clock, the afternoon classes begin. There are two more class periods and after, students use two free periods to participate in various activities such as the R&D program, ARC program, RC&P program, and selective music or physical education classes.

Dinner, Self-Study 1: 7:00 P.M.~8:20 P.M.
After classes end, it is finally dinnertime. During this time, students can freely go to their dorms to change their clothes or pack more books for the self-study period in the evening. When dinnertime ends at 7 o’clock, the first self-study period for the evening begins. The most special part of this period in HAFS is that students can study not only in the study halls, but anywhere they like. It’s not uncommon to see students studying in the halls or in the stairs. Self-Study Period 1 is also when most of the Elective Track classes, usually shortened as ET classes, take place. Students are able to choose from a variety of subjects, including Calculus, Politics, Economics, and even Flag Football and Lacrosse.

Snack, Self-Study 2: 8:50 P.M.~11:00 P.M.
After an hour and 20 minutes, it is snack time, and students can take a little break. Bread, fruit, juice, and other types of snack that come out help students stay focused for a few more hours. One of the most popular menus is Chives Cheese bread, which is bread with melted cheese and garlic sauce in the middle.

The second self-study session begins at 8:50. A lot of students use this time to have student club meetings. After two hours of participating in student club activities or self-studying, the second period ends at 11 o’clock. Students return to their dorms freely. Some choose to stay at school a little longer to study more or attend prayer meetings held by HAYYIM, school’s Christian community.

Roll Call: 11:40 P.M.
The roll call takes place at 11:40, when dormitory teachers check attendance and sent out important announcements. The “light off” time is midnight, but many students often study until the curfew at 1:00 A.M., when students get into bed to be ready to start the next day with a bright smile.

BY Suzy Park ’18



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