The school’s wall painting volunteer club Kokos repainted the wall in front of the lacrosse court. The process took full two days, from September 26th to 27th. Although there were concerns due to the heavy rain, Kokos painted a beautiful wall. I met with the club president Hayoung Yoo to discuss about the student club and the wall painting.

-Hello. Please briefly introduce your club, Kokos.
Kokos is a student volunteer organization which engages in art psychotherapy volunteer work every month and wall painting volunteer work at least two times a year.

-Was there a specific reason for choosing the wall in front of the lacrosse court?
Last time, we painted the wall next to the basketball court, along the ramp. The response from the students, parents, and teachers was very favorable and we received frequent requests asking us to paint another wall in the school. While searching for a place to reinvigorate, the wall in front of the lacrosse court caught our eyes. Since it is a frequently visited place where students go to exercise and parents pick up their children, we chose to decorate this area.

-Does your painting contain a message or meaning you wanted to convey to Hafsonians?
Yes, actually. The ocean, sky, and the city in the background portray the wide field of vision of Hafsonians. Also, the sun rising behind the cloud shows how we’re maturing and starting to show our light to the world. Our hope and dreams are symbolized by the white cloud and tree.

-I’m curious how you came up with the ideas for the painting. Also, I want to know if there are parts of the painting that were not part of your original plan.                                                                                                         Believe it or not, some of the drawings were created impromptu while we were working. Such examples are the owl, the rabbit on the cloud, and the deer behind the tree. We felt that they would add to the beauty and the creativity of the whole painting.

-What is your favorite part of the painting?
I personally like the cloud and tree the most because they give off a dreamlike feeling.

-It must’ve been a difficult task painting the wall. What was the hardest part about it?
The wall was 3.6 meters tall. We didn’t have a ladder and had to use chairs to reach that height; however, there were parts that couldn’t be reached even with a chair. We painted those high parts by climbing on top of the wall and painting upside down.

-Students are marveling over its beauty. You must feel proud of your work. What are your plans for the future? Is there any additional wall you want to paint inside HAFS?
We’re very glad that students like our painting. At the moment, we don’t plan on painting another school wall, but next year, we’re going to paint a wall in Jeongja-dong, Bundang with the sponsor of SK Planet.

BY Jiin Jeong ’17



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